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What people are saying…
I was introduced to Dr. John by my niece when I went with her to her first session. I was so envious of the procedures that I signed up right away. I am in my late 70’s and have a back problem. I walk like so many my age leaning forward. I also have problems lifting my knees very high. I have to use my hands to help pull them up. I could feel and see the difference in my stature after the first visit. After the 2nd visit friends and relatives were remarking how they could see the difference in my walking. After the 3rd visit I was able to get in a high pickup without using my hands to lift my knees. I feel so much better. I thank you Dr. John and look forward to more sessions.

D.T., Surprise, AZ

I have been a pilot for over 43 yrs. Twenty yrs in the USAF, flying fighters, and over twenty-two years with Southwest Airlines. I retired last July at age 65. I have a bad back, bad shoulders, and a bad right leg. I have been putting off getting these things looked at until I retired. I recently met with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. Then I met Dr John Gangemi, whom I will call Dr John. He is simply amazing. In just over two weeks of treatment, cold laser, soft tissue mobilization, massage, heat, and strength training, I have 80-90% range of motion and the shoulder is 90% healed with no pain. I plan to stay with Dr John for the long haul. Even though a recent mri revealed a 2 cm tear on my right rotator cuff, I have cancelled the surgery with the orthopedic surgeon. My only regret is that I didn’t know of Dr John sooner.

G.B., Desert Hills, AZ

I’ve suffered with migraines, upper back, neck and shoulder pain since age 13 when diagnosed with Mild Scoliosis. Doctor advised to give up the activities that would cause stress to my body and I was prescribed muscle relaxing drugs to control the spasms and pain. These drugs when taken would put me out of commission for days. At age 27, a car accident pushed my body further into trauma and pain with shooting pain up my neck and head and down my arms and into hips and knees. With each treatment I have noticed changes through out my entire body and posture, regaining flexibility and range of motion that had disappeared. The Release & Balance® approach coupled with Cold Laser Therapy has been amazing. I will be pain free and be able to get back on my bike again for some long overdue rides!!

K.L. Cave Creek, AZ

I can only say, “WOW!” After the treatment it felt like every cell in my whole body was vibrating and tingling. I had a discomfort in my mandible for 4 months after recapping 2 teeth. After 2 treatments all discomfort was gone! I can highly recommend Dr. John. He is amazing!

L.F., Nurse Glendale, AZ

Working with Dr. Gangemi has been an amazing experience. I came to him with an acute traumatic soft tissue injury for which I was vacillating about filling a Percocet script to manage the pain. Within the first hour of being treated with various cold lasers, not only had the color and swelling improved, but I no longer needed to consider narcotic pain management. Dr. Gangemi then adjusted my back/neck – this was nothing like traditional chiropractic adjustments. No popping or sudden adjustments, just soothing stretches and re-alignments – I have been sleeping solid ever since that first tune-up. I am a client for life and highly recommend Dr. Gangemi’s services.

S.E. Cave Creek, AZ

It is frustrating to be hurting and in pain. I had been going to traditional Chiropractors for years and the adjustments never lasted for more than a day. It was always a short-term quick fix for temporary relief – no one ever cared or bothered to find the root problem of my chronic back pain. Until I met Dr. Gangemi. He had a whole different approach for finding the root of the problem. My adjustment held much longer than normal and I enjoyed the holistic and painless approach to easing my pains. My first impression of the office was that I loved the friendly, informative doctors and staff and appreciated the fresh, clean, and spacious office area and the healing rooms.

T.B. Scottsdale, AZ

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