Health Deficiency Optimization

Scientific Laboratory TestingHealth Deficiency Optimization can determine where your health is today and the direction your health is moving towards.Many problems show up in the blood long before you actually “feel” symptoms. Did you know you can have only 20% function left in an organ and still have virtually no symptoms? How do you know if you’re truly healthy? Certain tests, when read properly, will indicate whether or not you are progressing toward a serious illness.

Preparing a complete analysis report based on your laboratory results (blood, urine, hair, stool) is an objective scientific approach to determine the state of your health.

Blood analysis is a “snap shot” in time of your overall health.  It is a fast and effective way to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Blood work can show you if you are getting enough of the essential micronutrients your body requires to provide energy. Many preventable problems show up in blood long before you actually have any symptoms or illness.

A customized program is developed to bring your blood chemistry values into the optimal “healthy” ranges.  Early detection of a problem in the blood chemistry allows us to implement a comprehensive program consisting of nutritional supplements, diet, exercise and life style recommendations.

Whatever age or stage of life you are in, experiencing life is best when you are healthy.

Feeling healthy enough to experience and enjoy everything that life has to offer is priceless. We offer in-depth analysis of your total body systems and proactive steps that can be implemented to attain your optimal health.

Complete Laboratory Analysis can determine:

  • How healthy you really are in the moment
  • Early detection of a problem, illness or disease process.
  • What health issues you may already have
  • The possible trajectory of your health
  • Vitamins and nutrients you may require
  • Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that are beneficial
  • If the vitamins and nutrients you currently take are working

How it works:

The process is easy!

  • A consultation and in depth history determines the appropriate tests to order.
  • You will then choose a convenient time to go to the lab.
  • The lab emails your results to our office.
  • We prepare a computer based analysis and report of your results.
  • We make nutritional supplements, dietary, exercise and life style recommendations.

Our natural health solutions are based on scientific and objective testing.

The Laboratory Analysis Report provide individual, drug-free recommendations to promote optimum health based on imbalances and dysfunction identified from your test results.

Begin your journey to your best health today!

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