Injuries & Rehabilitation

At Health Solutions Center of Arizona we see patients with many different types of pain and injuries from musculoskeletal and neurological origin.

sports injuries • auto accidents • equine injuries • brain injuries • neuropathy nerve pain • muscle pain • joint pain • neck pain • back pain • whiplash • tennis elbow golf elbow plantar fasciitis • knee pain • arthritis • back pain • bursitis carpal tunnel syndrome • chondromalacia patellae • fibromyalgia • heel spurs • plantar fasciitis migraines • headaches • nerve pain • neuropathy postoperative pain • repetitive stress injuries • TMJ tendonitis • strains and sprains • trigger point pain and more.

Injuries Rehabilitation

We use drug free non surgical natural therapies

including The Release & Balance® Meningeal Release Technique, Photo-biotic Laser Therapy, Physical Medicine Modalities & Therapeutic Procedures, and Low force Chiropractic Techniques and Life Vessel Resonance Therapy.

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