The Return To Health Protocol  consists of four natural, drug-free, non surgical approaches which Dr. John Gangemi  has researched and found to be beneficial to reduce pain, shorten recovery time from injuries and optimize health. These four therapies are now available under one roof at Health Solution Center of Arizona, located in beautiful Carefree.

Release & Balance® Menigeal Release Therapy  has been developed by John Gangemi, DC over 15 years of clinical research of the meninges, spine, cranial bone movement and the effects of the autonomic nervous system on health. Release & Balance® is a meningeal release technique that improves the health of the spine, cranial bones and nervous system. Release & Balance® is used to reduce pain, improve range of motion and promote relaxation.

Health Deficiency Optimization is a scientific approach to locate and analyze  deficiencies in the blood chemistry. Nutritional supplements, dietary, exercise and lifestyle modification recommendations are given to strengthen deficiencies, moving our patients towards optimal health.

Therapeutic Laser is FDA cleared technology that is uses specific frequencies of light to safely and painlessly reduce pain and inflammation and improve acute and chronic injuries. At Health Solutions Center we have both class 4 and class 3 lasers available.

Life Vessel is FDA cleared to balances the Autonomic Nervous System, thereby reducing stress. Medical research has recently stated that virtually all health issues have a stress component. Life vessel is featured in the books Radical Remission, Kelly A. Turner, PhD. (NY Times Best Seller List for 3 years) and Radiant Health Ageless Beauty, Christine Horner, M.D., F.A.C.S. Life vessel has also been featured on Dr. Mercola’s website.