Chronic Health IssuesAt Health Solutions Center we assess symptoms and go beyond them to locate any deficiencies and the probable “Root Causes” of your health issue.

Individuals with chronic health issues are in a constant state of inflammation which can be due to a weakened immune system, chronic infection, heavy metals toxins, high toxicity and other factors.

Recent scientific studies now point to chronic inflammation as a basis for a wide range of ailments including, but not limited to, adrenal fatigue, allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, headaches, hormonal imbalances, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines.

Chronic Inflammation and other health issues in your body can be determined by specific laboratory testing.

Many preventable problems show up in blood long before you have any symptoms or illness.

Foundational Laboratory testing and analysis determines where your health is today and the direction your health is moving towards.

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