Health Solutions of Arizona offer natural drug free approach to allergy relief so you can enjoy your life to the fullest!

AllergiesMost allergies occur from a glitch in the nervous system. The body is over reacting to a substance that is not really harmful, but the body perceives the substance as a threat.

When the nervous system is out of balance for long periods of time it will trigger the immune system to release a substance called histamine to protect the body. When a person is in a chronic state of releasing histamine they will be ‘allergic’ to many different harmless substances.

The key for a long term correction for allergies is to address the underlying causes which can be due to over stressed nervous system , chronic inflammation, compromised immune system, chronic infection and more…

HSC’s natural solutions to allergies relief involves looking beyond the symptoms and identifying the probable causes of the allergies using foundational testing & analysis , diet & nutritional supplements and life style implementation.

Release & Balance Method
Life Vessel Resonance therapy
Laboratory Based Nutrition

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