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HSC Your Number 1 Choice for Better Health:

  • Release & Balance® Method
  • The Return to Health Protocol
  • Physical Medicine Modalities & Therapeutic Procedures
  • Health Deficiency Optimization
  • Natural Healing Therapies
  • Low force Chiropractic Techniques & Modalities
  • Nutritional Counseling & Weight Loss Programs
  • Professional High Quality Nutritional Supplements
  • Cleared Cold Laser Therapy
  • FDA Cleared Life Vessel Resonance Therapy
  • Relaxed healing environment
  • Quality Time with the HSC health professional team
  • Experienced, Compassionate & knowledgeable professional health team
  • Located in the beautiful foot hills of Carefree Arizona

At Health Solutions Center of Arizona we believe in natural drug free, non surgical approaches for health.

Our natural health solutions focus on bringing the body into better health by strengthening deficiencies and imbalances.

Health Solutions Center does not diagnose, cure or treat any disease or condition. Our focus assists the body to create the perfect environment to repair, heal and move towards better health.

At HSC we implement Scientific Laboratory Testing & Analysis, Chiropractic, Physical Medicine Modalities & Therapeutic Procedures, Vibrational Resonance Therapies of Cold Laser and Life Vessel to stimulate the body’s innate healing ability.

Dr. John Gangemi, owner of Health Solutions Center of Arizona, is the developer of the Release & Balance® Method & his “Return to Health Protocol.

The “Return To Health Protocol” offers in depth testing and evaluation of every patient that includes;Health Deficiency Optimization, Spinal Integrity Evaluation including Structural and Meningeal components, Evaluation of the Autonomic and central Nervous System, and Quality of Life Indicators.

About Health Solutions Center AzThe “Return To Health Protocol” has made HSC a highly desirable and respected name in health care today.

We believe in a comprehensive approach and consider many aspects of your health to determine your strengthens and deficiencies.  HSC develops a custom report for each patient that become their personal road map back to health. The report identifies specific deficiencies and provides practical solutions that strengthen weaknesses and move you towards your best health.

When you visit Health Solutions Center of Arizona you receive a positive, comprehensive health care experience from well trained health professionals. The HSC team takes the time to get to know you and your specific health concerns.

We have 15 years of clinical experience, provide practical health solutions and utilize modern techniques and health technologies, all presented in a relaxing, nurturing healing environment.

HSC’s health professional team is caring, compassionate and passionate about your health.

Located in the beautiful foothills of Carefree Arizona, HSC is dedicated to providing quality health care to the residents of Carefree, Cave Creek and Scottsdale Arizona. People also travel from other states to receive HSC’s “Return To Health Protocol.”

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